During our Facility Site-Evaluation, we would be looking for compliance issues related to Manually Lever Operated Hoist, Overhead Chain & Wire Rope Hoist (Underhung), Hand Chain-Operated Chain Hoist, Fall Protection Equipment and Applications, Forklifts, Material Handling Equipment, (wire rope, chain & web slings, etc.), Hazard Communication (GHS labeling, open containers, etc.), Portable Fiberglass, Metal & Wood Ladders, Ladder Stands & Fixed Ladders, Stairs, Walking/Working Surfaces (floor holes & openings, leading edges, ladder way floor openings, rooftops, etc.), Permit-Required Confined Spaces (signage, etc.), Welding Equipment, Cylinder Storage,Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage, Stumbling, Falling and Tripping Hazards, Machine Guarding, Frame, Tube & Coupler & System Type Scaffolding Systems, First Aid Kits, Eyewash Stations, Machine Guarding, etc.