• In-House and Field/Mobile Service Centers*
  • Instrument Service
  • Testing Services
Our service centers underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction. Instruments and other items require regular maintenance for reliable operation. To offer improved service, we established field service, mobile service and in-house repair facilities complete with all the necessary diagnostic equipment. Our experienced service staff will keep your instruments and breathing air equipment functioning correctly longer. We are capable of handling a customer's needs from specialized calibration kits to board level repair and SCBA rebuilds.
With our stock of vital parts, and experienced factory trained technicians, downtime is kept to a minimum. We maintain a repair history of every item that comes through our repair system. Each customer receives a detailed printout of repairs and parts used with their returned product.
Companies with SCBA's and instruments are often reluctant to send equipment away for service. Their fear is to have an emergency without enough equipment to respond. We have solved this concern by developing mobile repair trailers. Our trailer can be brought to any location for on-site product repairs. The SCBA's and instruments are immediately available in the event an emergency arises.

Air Samplers

Available maintenance procedures for air sampling instruments include cleaning internal parts, verifying battery condition, and replacing maintenance parts such as filters, valves and diaphragms.

Sensor Replacement

We can replace your worn out sensors to bring your instrument back to original specifications.

Circuit Board Repairs

Our technicians work with the electronics that control your gas detection instruments. By repairing or replacing your boards, the instrument can be returned to full operating capabilities.

Noise Instruments

We will check the calibration of your noise instrument to ensure it is measuring correctly.

Respiratory Testing & Cleaning

On-site or in-house, our ultrasonic cleaner uses hospital grade disinfecting chemicals to thoroughly clean protective face masks according to OSHA, ANSI and CSA regulations. Periodic cleanings reduce the transfer of germs and extend a respirator's life span.
Respiratory Fit Testing - PortaCount
  • Quantitative respiratory fit testing
  • Can test a wide variety of tight-fitting respiratory equipment, including N95 disposables
  • Required annually

Level A Suit Pressure Testing

  • On site or in-house
  • Required annually or after each use

SCBA Function Test and Repair

With Sperian's POSICHECK3, we can test all the major functions of your SCBA including positive pressure levels, exhalation resistance, static pressure, alarm levels, pressure gauge function, and system leaks. 

Air Quality Tests

Technicians go on site to check for excessive levels of moisture, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil, and hydrocarbons. The results of the test verify the proper operation of your compressor and filters.
OHA Instruments With many years of experience, Oha Instruments understands the complexities of instrumentation, confined space entry equipment, and breathing air products. Our employees are specialists in their fields and can offer recommendations as well as a variety of equipment choices. Oha Instruments provides a single source for sales, repair, rental and technical information on all instrumentation, breathing air and related products.

Equipment Rental Procedure

Renting from us is simple. Rental charges start on the day you receive the equipment and stop the day before we receive it at our location. All rental instruments are calibrated and maintained by factory trained instrument specialists. 
Equipment is rented on a first-come first-served basis. Equipment can be reserved. Once an instrument and rental period are selected an agreement will be faxed for verification. We will ship the instrument as soon as the signed agreement is faxed back to us. Instruments are shipped by next-day freight - charged to the customer - unless there are size restrictions.
*Available services vary by branch. Call for details.