Wise Safety is a 3M | Scott Service Center

  • NFPA Function Test (required yearly)
  • Industrial Function Test (required every two years)
  • Compliance Inspection of SCBA pack, straps and belts
  • NHydrostatic Cylinder Test (required every five years)
  • In House and On-Site
  • PosiCheck Report printout

Regular inspections are required to ensure SCBAs are functioning at their best. NFPA 1852 "Standard on the Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Open-Circuit Breathing Apparatus" mandates, all compliant SCBA be tested once per year at a minimum on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service. It's worth noting that many states and jurisdictions have adopted NFPA standards as law.
Flow Tests/Performance Tests, OSHA Recommended Monthly Checks, Cylinder Testing, tests when going back into service, Basic Inspections and Functional Testing create a huge data management burden. Combining the previous with the question of who completed the test and when was the test completed makes for an impossible data storage task.

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